Titus Waldenfels' Counterfeiter

from Rio Reiser to Marlene Dietrich

Instrumental Music with a unique repertoire

A project from this very unconventional Munich guitarist, who in the last decade has not only been engaged with a diverse array of musicians and groups such as World Music Collective Embryo, The Storyville Shakers and the New York saxophonist Monty Waters, but he has also been travelling extensively on tour throughout Europe.

The Counterfeiter project is the result of a long standing wish to combine the standard repertoire of the jazz material with the highly esteemed German chanson, and the idea to take up music from such role models as Django Reinhardt and to reinterpret it in an personal manner. Through this variety of instrumentation extending from acoustically unamplified tunes to those electrically ‚nuclear', this most energetic and entertaining music, right at the intersecting crossroads of jazz, blues and salon music, came into being.

Translation: Sallie Wunner


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aktuelles Datum: 2017.12.18
19:00 Uhr
WESTEND OPEN MIC, hosted by Titus Waldenfels, ca. 15min / 3 Songs, Anmeldung: titus.waldenfels@googlemail.com 0172-9477191 +++ 12 18 17 open mic @ stragula munich 8pm #Stragula #TitusWaldenfels +++ Feat. Muddy What, Andrea Limmer, Katarina Braun, Combo Zeisig, Maik Negraschus, Thomas Sedlmaier & Alegría Mannhardt, Wolfgang Bruggmoser, The Ukelites u.a. +++ DIE SAMMELERLÖSE gehen an die SchlaU Schule: Schulanaloger Unterricht für junge Flüchtlinge www.schlau-schule.de VON 19-20h WESTERN SWING SESSION, Einsteiger willkommen!

21:30 Uhr
Panoramabar in der Allianzarena
THERES A GOOD ROCKING TONIGHT - ROCK N ROLL, BLUES & WESTERN SWING, mit Chris DocSchneider, Michael Reiserer & Florian Burgmayr +++ 12 20 17 @ allianzarena 9.30pm #allianzarena #fcbayern #tituswaldenfels tituswaldenfels.bandcamp.com

20:00 Uhr
KEIN WEG ZURÜCK - SONGS, SWING & EXOTIKA, mit Michael Reiserer +++ 12 21 17 @ nomiya munich 8pm #NomiyaMünchen #TitusWaldenfels tituswaldenfels.bandcamp.com

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